Interested in Honours? Murdoch University has a variety of potential projects to offer students which are listed below; If pursuing Honours doesn’t interest you then perhaps Masters is something that might. Take a look to see what a future in Physics can offer you.

Honours at Murdoch University


Dr Almantas Pivrikas – Research Interests

– Opto-electronic device fabrication and characterisation
– Electrical conductivity and photoconductivity studies
– Charge transport, charge mobility and recombination
– Spectroscopy, optical interference, light absorption, photoluminescence
– Development of novel techniques for device and material characterization

Honours 2017 Almantas_Pivrikas


Dr Bruce Gardiner – Research Interests

Computational and mathematical modelling of physical and chemical processes in biological systems.

-Computational systems biology: cell signal transduction pathways (e.g. Wnt/beta-  catenin, IGF, IL-1, TNFa).
-Musculoskeletal systems: Cartilage, tendon, bone
-Epithelial Biology: cell dynamics and regulation in colonic crypts and colorectal cancer.
-Renal oxygenation and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Honours 2017 Bruce_Gardiner


Dr Chris Creagh – Research Interests

-Physics Education: Methods of Engagement
-Renewable Sustainable Energy: Devices, Development, Construction and  Characterisation
-General Education: Quality and Standards

Honours 2017 Chris_Creagh


Dr David Parlevliet – Research Interests

-Solar Modules and Systems
-Solar cells
-Other optoelectronic devices

Honours 2017 David_Parlevliet


Dr Drew Parsons – Research Interests

-Theory of electrolyte solutions, surfaces and their interactions.
-Nonelectrostatic properties of ions.
-Impact of surface roughness on surface interactions.
-Calculations of van der Waals (Casimir-Lifshitz and Casimir-Polder) interactions.

Honours 2017 Drew_Parsons


Dr Gerrard Eddy Jai Poinern – Research Interests

-Nanoparticles for use in environmental remediation
-Synthesis of nano Hydroxyapatite bio ceramics for potential tissue engineering applications
-Green synthesis of nano materials
-Quantum dot synthesis, carbon nanotubes and carbon nanostructures
-Gold adsorption on carbon
-Nanoenvironment – water treatment by nanomaterials
-Synthesis of Nano porous membranes
-Application of nanotechnology in the areas of drug delivery and medical treatment such as in nerve repair, stroke treatment and skin burns
-Super hydrophobic nanostructures.
-Wearable Sensors

Honours 2017 Eddy_Poinern


Dr Elaine Walker – Research Interests

-Valence bands of solar cell material using XPS
-Solar cells
-Renewable energy
-Solar hot water systems

Honours 2017 Elaine_Walker


Dr Gerd Schröder-Turk – Research Interests

-Formation of complex structure in biology and chemistry
-Applications of complex structures for advanced materials
-Characterisation and 3D imaging of complex material morphologies
-Geometric concepts and algorithmic solutions
-Statistical physics and materials properties

Honours 2017 Gerd_Schroeder-Turk


Dr Piotr Kowalczyk – Research Interests

-Simulation methods
-Porous materials
-Quantum statisitcal mechanics

Honours 2017 Piotr_Kowalczyk


Dr Zhong-Tao Jiang – Research Interests

-Superhard coatings
-Optical thin films
-Graphene and borophene
-Computational simulations

Honours 2017 Zhong_Tao_Jiang

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