The Murdoch Physics Club is an opportunity for students that are interested in Physics and other major science disciplines, to gain a greater appreciation for the discipline and the industry as a whole. The plan for this Club is to engage with AIP (Australian Institute of Physics) as well as other professionals from the various industries that employ Physicists, in attempts to introduce students to industry professionals while gaining and continuously improving the reputation for the Murdoch Physics students. A common concern that physics students have is their future employment prospects upon graduation.

While the truth is there aren’t any adverts on job websites which are actively seeking physics graduates, they’re opportunities are still readily available. These sort of jobs are either more specific or/and require additional study or are hidden from the public until the cliche ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ gifts you a chance. To bridge this gap, the Physics Club and its members are encouraged to reach out to communicate with these people to put Murdoch Physics students on the map, so when there are jobs, we are the first to know.

Alongside this goal I personally would like to see this physics club engage in social activities with other students and lecturers, whether this be an occasional get together at the tavern for a drink or a sausage sizzle event to enrich their time at both Murdoch and their time while studying Physics.